Be found For Under $2/day

It’s difficult to be noticed online, amid the clutter. The hype can get you “rankings” but how is that actually impacting your business? At What cost?

Our geo-targeted, topic-specific online directories work hard to help people find your business and cost less than $2/day.

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Problem: Investment Vs. Return

Typical online marketing approaches, in many cases, cost thousands of dollars and generate only a few actual transactions. The miniscule results are not aligned with the expense required to get them.

Solution: Our online directories are specifically meant to help people find your business-location. Through Geo-Targeting technology and current standardized coding methods, our directories guarantee you an additional listing in search results pages (Google, Yahoo! and Bing) for people looking for what you offer. In many cases your contact and location information will be right in the search engine results – before a user has to go to your site.

Starting $2/day

Problem: Getting Real Results

Most online marketing solutions sell grand results like increased traffic, thousands of impressions and Click Through Rates – leaving a business out in the cold when figuring out how it all adds up to improving business. All the analytic reports that show the huge increase in traffic to your site never seem to add up to enough new business to warrant the expense – do they?

Solution: Our online directories provide real benefits and our goals are different. Our primary goal is to help customers find your business and remember it. Our fees are designed to generate real returns for real businesses looking for real solutions. Over time your customers will remember seeing you, they will visit your site and they will visit your location.

All for under $2/day.

Problem: Being Found Amid the Clutter

If your business depends on people finding your location, being local in search engines matters. Most solutions offered today will use outdated tactics to help your website “look” more local to search engines. They’ll even get you to waste money on super geo targeted PPC.

Solution: Using today’s geo targeting technology and coding tactics, each listing in our directories provides an additional Google, Yahoo! and Bing listing. Each listing is equipped with all of the ear marks for search engines to know everything about your location. In many cases the search engines will even show contact and location information right in the search results… a very powerful feature. This feature alone is worth every penny of your subscription. All of this is provided to you with no programming or setup fees.

Problem: Time Spent Vs. Payoff

To market your business online, provide a benefit to mobile users looking for what you offer, to have another chance to tell your story, can be both expensive and time consuming. In most cases the time spent rarely yields a result worth the effort.

Solution: For under $2/day and less than 10 minutes (to claim or add your listing) you will double your chances of being found by prospects looking for what you offer. It’s as simple as filling out a form. Upload your logo, if you want. Embed a video… all under 10 minutes and under $2/day.

No waiting for your landing page to be setup. No scrambling to get your collateral together. Either add or claim your listing on an existing directory or contact us about developing a new topic specific directory to fit your needs.